INTEGRATED PEST AND DISEASE MANAGEMENT: Saturday 18th February | 10am - 12pm
Co-facilitated by Karen Parkin and Saskia Schelling

"Saskia and Karen are a great team - hugely passionate and knowledgeable! I went to the workshop to learn how to deal with pests but learnt so much more -- about their holistic, integrated approach to growing healthy plants. And it was very inspiring to walk around Saskia's thriving urban food garden" ~ Zanine Wolf
Karen is passionate about pest and disease management, and has been growing healthy food and medicine for more than 20 years. She has facilitated many courses in permaculture and organic gardening practices. After a long sabbatical to study Herbalism and other healing modalities, Karen is back in Cape Town to share her knowledge and skills with you. 

askia believes there is another way to live our lives effectively.
Passion and clever permaculture design integrate to transform her whole property over the last 5 years into an abundant thriving edible ecosystem. An Urban Farmstead of note where she shares knowledge via Tours; Coaching; and ‘Urban Living Workshops’ for Adults and children.

“Join us for a fun exploration of simple eco-friendly effective ways to manage pests and diseases…”

Includes tour, tuition, tea, and notes.

Booking confirmed on receipt of R300.

Space limited, book early!

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