Due to popular demand, we've decided to create an online booking page.
You can now choose your time slot and have an online consult about anything related to your garden.
Most of our workshops were done in person with groups of people, but now, thanks to the power of the web, we can empower you with the knowledge, which has taken years of gathering.
We are also busy building an online membership forum, where you will have access to our entire library of information and more as it is constantly updated!
As a promotion for being an early bird using our online booking system, you will have free access to the library for life, once it is live!
As always, we truly appreciate the support over the many years and look forward to being of further service to you :)

Our online consult rates:

30 min : $20 / R360
60 min : $35 / R600

Book an appointment with Rex using Setmore

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